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Microsoldering is the reason why Moff-IT can fix problems that other repair stores can’t. Your phone, your computer, and your tablet all have an electronic centre with tiny microchips on it. Sometimes, those chips fail. We have the ability to repair those microchips.

You may have been to a store (including Apple Stores) that said your device was NOT repairable. We might think otherwise. Chips might fail for no apparent reason, or if they are damaged by liquid.

Common microsoldering repairs are listed below. This is a guide only. We will always complete a full assessment of your device and explain the diagnosis to you. Call us on 0417 080 872 to discuss your device’s issues.

Tri-Star Replacement $150
Symptoms: iPhone/iPad will not charge even when a new battery or charge port has been installed

Audio IC Replacement $160
Symptoms: audio does not work on phone calls, commonly on iPhone 7 or 7+

Touch IC Replacement $140
Symptoms: no touch or strange touch occurring, commonly on iPhone 6+

iPad Charge Port Repairs $180
Symptoms: charging issues on iPad

Circuit Board